How To Earn Money with Adf.ly - Url Shortener

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The presentation is simple, you only need to register an account Adf.ly earn money online is through Adf.ly. Consists of the following steps:
- You click on the image below or link http://adf.ly to proceed with registration
- After you click on the registration page to Join Now. As the picture below
- After you click on the Join Now you fill in the information. See the picture below
- Next to mail you to confirm your account. See the picture below
- Finally you log in and proceed money

When you qualify for payment (earn $ 5 to $ 10 with Payoneer or Paypal) you can request a withdrawal. Click on Withdraw, fill in your account information. If your monthly minimum, the full amount will automatically Adf.ly payment

"Your earnings will be automatically paid before midnight on the next payment date (XXX 1st, 2013) if your earnings have reached a total of $5.00 or more for the previous month(s). Please note, Payoneer currently has a minimum withdrawal of $10. Please ensure your account ID is correct below, otherwise you cannot be paid. If you wish to purposefully miss a payment, please remove your payment details from your account before the 1st of the month"
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Make Money Online With Chitika.com

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Chitika is considered the bestadsense alternatives. It's an online advertising network that now in a very short period become a leader in the Search , Local and Mobile sectors.
The most important featur about Chitika ads that they don’t appear directly on your website until you go to your website through search engine. So we can say that an visitor searched for some private keyword onhis browser and comes to your website, the Chitika ads that appears on your website for this visitor, will be based on what the visitor was searched for.
Chitika advertising rates and revenue.

Chitika provides great reasonable payments advertising rates and revenue: Low is about $0.02-$0.06, Average $0.30 to $0.60 and Highest $3

Chitika ad network and Google adsense.

You can use Chitika ads besides AdSense ads on the same page, as Chitika ads are non-contextual and do not look like AdSense units.

Chitika online advertising network pricing.

It's pricing based on CPC (Cost per Click), PPC (Pay Per Click), CPM (Cost Per Mille) and unique to others advertising ads, Pay-per-call for mobile ads.

Try it you will find it wonderful and a great alternative for google adsense, even you can earn more money by it beside google ads.
 CLICK here to register Publisher.

468x60 Chitika.com   Kiếm tiền từ website/ blog của bạn
Click Get Started to continue:
chitika1 Chitika.com   Kiếm tiền từ website/ blog của bạn
Complete the following information:
chitika2 Chitika.com   Kiếm tiền từ website/ blog của bạn
After completing your registration email to activate and wait a few days to Chitika is approved you can log into your account.

Before placing an ad on the site you must first add it to the system website by going to My Account Chitika - Approved Domains:

chitika3 Chitika.com   Kiếm tiền từ website/ blog của bạn
Account Settings: to set and edit information account, you must be here to update Paypal account, if not guided Paypal account register here.

Payment history view payment history.

To add Chitika to the website, click on Setup Ads - Get Code

chitika4 Chitika.com   Kiếm tiền từ website/ blog của bạn
Choose the format and color match your website:
chitika5 Chitika.com   Kiếm tiền từ website/ blog của bạn
You will earn 10% from referrals

Chitika will pay you within 30 days after the end of the month you earn commissions provided that your total revenue has exceeded $ 10 (for PayPal) and $ 50 via check

You will be paid based on the audited revenue.

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