How To Earn Money with Adf.ly - Url Shortener

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The presentation is simple, you only need to register an account Adf.ly earn money online is through Adf.ly. Consists of the following steps:
- You click on the image below or link http://adf.ly to proceed with registration
- After you click on the registration page to Join Now. As the picture below
- After you click on the Join Now you fill in the information. See the picture below
- Next to mail you to confirm your account. See the picture below
- Finally you log in and proceed money

When you qualify for payment (earn $ 5 to $ 10 with Payoneer or Paypal) you can request a withdrawal. Click on Withdraw, fill in your account information. If your monthly minimum, the full amount will automatically Adf.ly payment

"Your earnings will be automatically paid before midnight on the next payment date (XXX 1st, 2013) if your earnings have reached a total of $5.00 or more for the previous month(s). Please note, Payoneer currently has a minimum withdrawal of $10. Please ensure your account ID is correct below, otherwise you cannot be paid. If you wish to purposefully miss a payment, please remove your payment details from your account before the 1st of the month"
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Make Money Online With Chitika.com

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Chitika is considered the bestadsense alternatives. It's an online advertising network that now in a very short period become a leader in the Search , Local and Mobile sectors.
The most important featur about Chitika ads that they don’t appear directly on your website until you go to your website through search engine. So we can say that an visitor searched for some private keyword onhis browser and comes to your website, the Chitika ads that appears on your website for this visitor, will be based on what the visitor was searched for.
Chitika advertising rates and revenue.

Chitika provides great reasonable payments advertising rates and revenue: Low is about $0.02-$0.06, Average $0.30 to $0.60 and Highest $3

Chitika ad network and Google adsense.

You can use Chitika ads besides AdSense ads on the same page, as Chitika ads are non-contextual and do not look like AdSense units.

Chitika online advertising network pricing.

It's pricing based on CPC (Cost per Click), PPC (Pay Per Click), CPM (Cost Per Mille) and unique to others advertising ads, Pay-per-call for mobile ads.

Try it you will find it wonderful and a great alternative for google adsense, even you can earn more money by it beside google ads.
 CLICK here to register Publisher.

468x60 Chitika.com   Kiếm tiền từ website/ blog của bạn
Click Get Started to continue:
chitika1 Chitika.com   Kiếm tiền từ website/ blog của bạn
Complete the following information:
chitika2 Chitika.com   Kiếm tiền từ website/ blog của bạn
After completing your registration email to activate and wait a few days to Chitika is approved you can log into your account.

Before placing an ad on the site you must first add it to the system website by going to My Account Chitika - Approved Domains:

chitika3 Chitika.com   Kiếm tiền từ website/ blog của bạn
Account Settings: to set and edit information account, you must be here to update Paypal account, if not guided Paypal account register here.

Payment history view payment history.

To add Chitika to the website, click on Setup Ads - Get Code

chitika4 Chitika.com   Kiếm tiền từ website/ blog của bạn
Choose the format and color match your website:
chitika5 Chitika.com   Kiếm tiền từ website/ blog của bạn
You will earn 10% from referrals

Chitika will pay you within 30 days after the end of the month you earn commissions provided that your total revenue has exceeded $ 10 (for PayPal) and $ 50 via check

You will be paid based on the audited revenue.


Web Hosting by IntelWeb.biz

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Web Hosting by IntelWeb.biz - a quality and reliable cheap hosting, which is ideal for small sites and large business projects, or online stores. Placing the site on our servers in USA, you get a fast and stable operation of your site.

At IntelWeb.biz low cost accommodation website you have ability to change the tariff plan at any time convenient to you. You can use exactly the rate that now suits you the most. You can individually increase as disk space and the number of hosted websites.

Providing our customers a reliable and friendly 24/7 support - We provide reliable services with high quality 24/7 technical support!

Customer satisfaction is what powers our company. Without the knowledge that our customers are happy, we'd be useless. IntelWeb.biz customers can be safe in the knowledge that we will strive to keep their web hosting experience a happy one!
Link: Web Hosting by IntelWeb.biz


Earn Online Money with Gomez PEER - Passive Online Money!

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There are lots of scams, lies and complete bullshit around on the internet on how to make loads of money quickly without little effort and 99.9% of these are scams. This article is not one of them. I’m going to be showing how to make some money by running the program Gomez peer. Gomez Peer is a java program that’s runs in the background that tests the performance of some of the most popular websites around the world and if you run the program it will generate a small amount of income every day for you.- If you do not have your account click:: http://www.gomezpeerzone.com

-Interface as shown below, you complete the following information:
- Next, click Download to download the software as shown below:

Once you join, you can also earn bonus payments for referring friends.

You need to have a PayPal to receive payments from Gomez PEER. PayPal is currently the only method through which payouts are distributed. Additionally, you must use the same email address associated with your PayPal account when registering the Gomez PEER program to ensure proper delivery of PEER payments. If you do not have PayPal account, please make it now. It is important to have a PayPal account if you are serious to make money online. You can join PayPal by clicking on PayPal

Gomez PEER account activation depends on how well your system characteristics such as connection type, location, etc match their current testing needs. You need to be patient with Gomez PEER after applying. They review the accounts for activation approximately every 2 weeks. Keep patience and continue to run the PEER application to remain eligible for account activation. Patience is the key to your success in online money making efforts!


FANSLAVE Earn Money With Facebook And Twitter

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This page appears long ago. You like to earn money by clicking on facebook.Google +, twitter, Youtube now have proof I had received the money.

The Changing Forms

1 day credit max is 1.2 euro

Min pay 15 euros via Paypal

There are 2 levels ref (from ref enjoy 15%)

Conditions facebook your friend must have at least 5 and must have avatars (avatar)

* Instructions:

Sign up here


Then fill in the information and click Register

The next step of your facebook login and click here to add the facebook app:

After you finish add to Your account -> overview will see:

Click on the blue-line to on facebook, then click Like, you can open multiple pages at 1

Finally click Update to receive credit (Remember to press the home to receive credit)


- Me click update to get credit

- You can select more than one page at once, and then update

- Facebook Account must have at least 5 friend and picture in profile

proof :

Making Money Online with DonkeyMails

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To make money with Donkeymail, you must first have a bank account online, because it has the min payout DonkeyMails very small, with only $ 0.01 - $ 1 you can withdraw money in the bank online> money on it ok, so valuable as money
DonkeyMails it can pay via Alertpay - Paypal, but it is best to use Paypal because it is very easy to register.
DonkeyMails.com: No Minimum Payout
You click on the image above or http://www.donkeymails.com to register and start making money with donkeymails.com.

What is DonkeyMails?

DonkeyMails is a GPT site featuring multiple ways of making money. It includes -

Paid to Click, Paid to Sign Up, Paid to Review, Paid to Promote, Paid to Read, and many more..

Here's information about each one.

1. Paid to Click - This feature is accessed through the link "Paid2Click" on the site's menu. You will be prompt with a list of banners to click, along with the amount you can earn from clicking each ad. Rates for Paid to Click include $0.01, $0.005, and $0.0025 per ad.

2. Paid to Sign Up - To access this service, click on "Paid2SignUp" on the site menu. There are many offers with instructions listed in order from highest paying to lowest paying. Most of the offers pay approximately $0.10.

3. Paid to Review - It's accessed through the link "Get Paid to Review" on the site menu. You will be prompt with a list of websites along with instructions and a text box. Read the instructions and enter whatever they tell you to enter in the text box. The average pay for this service is $0.05.

4. Paid to Promote - This is located in the link "Paid to Promote". There you will see 2 links for you to promote - one that earns you credit (which can be converted to money) and one that earns you points (used for advertising your own website). For every 1000 unique views your link gets, you will receive $0.50 or 2000 points.

5. Paid to Read - This is one of the more popular features of the website due to its convenience. Basically, this service is the same as the Pay to Click part of the website, except that the ads are emailed to you directly. Depending on what interests you selected on your profile, DonkeyMails will send out the ads accordingly.

Payment Information

Payments are sent out every 2 weeks. You can cash out using either PayPal, AlertPay,

How much do I need to cash out?

For PayPal and AlertPay, you need a minimum of $1.00. However, for LibertyReserve you only need to have earned $0.01.

Referral Benefits

What makes DonkeyMails worthwhile, is its referral system. To be honest, you won't be making a lot of money regardless of how dedicated you are, with only yourself clicking on advertisements. You need referrals as well. DonkeyMails referral system allows for 5 levels of referral commissions to be earned. The percentages for each level are as followed:

1st Level (Direct referral) - 10%
2nd Level (Referral's referral) - 5%
3rd Level (Referral's referral's referral) - 3%
4th Level (...so forth) - 2%
5th Level - 1%

As you can see, the extensive referral system allows for an extremely high earning potential. This is why DonkeyMails is one of the best PTC sites around. With some effort into getting referrals you will be generating some nice profits in time.

Make money with Fandealer.de

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Fandealer.de a new website to make money from social networking sites, by like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube ... SocialSharer entirely similar. How it works is very simple in Fandealer just have facebook account, twitter, google is comfortable we can make money.

Fandealer.de the site of Germany, payment in Euro and pay particularly high for us today:

· 1 like = 1 follow = 1 point

· 1 point = 0.02 euro

· Minimum withdrawal amount (minimum payout): 500 points = 10 euro

 Click here ( http://www.fandealer.de) to register:

Follow the instructions as follows:

Enter your user name, email and password:
Then go to your email to activate and start making money. ^ ^

When you have 500 points (with account of Germany, other countries Accounts of 1500 Point) you can withdraw money by going to My account - Withdraw money.
Wish you success!

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